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Sep 29, 2012 10:00pm PDT
to los angeles next after more meetings in the bay area anne mackovic cbs 5 >>> so far the much feared carmageddon has not materialized people and los angeles spend the weekend off the freeways, a live look of the construction now. the sequel to last year's first major shutdown of the 451 of the nation's busiest freeways, the project as a 10 mi. stretch of the 4 05 closed for the weekend it appears thousands are heeding the advice to stay home or take alternate routes. >>> the traffic is worth a billion dollars >>> and the millions of hours delayed commuting >>> it is pretty cool >>> the reason for the closure to remove a bridge over the freeway so far construction is an hour ahead of schedule but the mayor says not likely the freeway will reopen before 6:00 a.m. monday morning. governor jerry brown vetoes a bill to ban agencies to interrupt cellphone service without court order. it targeted bart you remember it sparked free-speech debate when a cut cellphone service to disrupt a planned protest, the governor said the bill code divert attention from a true emergency by requiring govern
Sep 30, 2012 8:30am PDT
insider standoff. and we're gonna go live to los angeles with pictures right now of the 405 with no traffic on the highway. will check it out as the car armageddon is coming up. >>> a heated debate got out of control in the east bay between the richmond councilman and a community activist. punches were thrown and one was led away in handcuffs. >>> as the 49ers look ahead to their new home in santa clara are insiders on the past and present and future of the bay area sports. >>> all the details on how hot it will get coming up. >>> welcome back to the news of the time is 9:00 good morning. >>> a lot coming up in the next half-hour taking a look at the other side of the death penalty debate. proposition 34 on the ballot this november. >>> sitting down with the district attorney from san mateo county and if you're shopping in san francisco tomorrow it's going to be a big bit of a change. no more plastic bags. >>> also a spare the air day but were starting this morning the the campaign 2012 coverage. >>> the republican presidential candidate mitt romney and obama are pre
Sep 24, 2012 10:00pm PDT
goodrich cbs 5 >>> a los angeles man enjoys this first night of freedom since 1993. cheers in the court room as the judge ordered the release of convicted murderer john smith prosecutors say the chief witness recanted saying the police pressured him, his grandmother more restaurant to pay for his defense. >>> i'm happy and sad but the part of me in there with him on free now to >>> john smith is 37 years old he entered the courtroom wearing the prison jumpsuit but was released by the end of the day >>> the c h p investigates l a pedestrian and the up in the path of speeding cars on 680, the man was killed after being struck by two cars near the storm ridge exit near pleasanton all southbound lanes were shut down for three hours. jury selection under way for the woman in the center of the crime lab controversy debra man in accused of stealing evidence from the lab where she worked as a technician. the lab was closed two years ago hundreds of criminal cases thrown out because of the alleged tampering. definition of small apartment in san francisco could change, supervisors will vote wheth
Sep 25, 2012 10:00pm PDT
a break from reality. this is her second and last stop on friday to be it signing books in los angeles. perhaps a little bit too much gray around the golden gate today we have lots of cloud cover and continue to see that streaming through the golden gate tonight is live look at the foot of the bay bridge will talk about the ets there is heat coming our forecast and that is coming up next. and now cbs five chief meteorologist says and now i feel like a game show host. service says it here's a peek outside member is going up my be the price is right hire a beautiful shot here city hall cloud cover very problem this evening and temperatures dropped down to the mid '50s by 6:00 this evening now let's look at where we are right now san francisco 54 center residents of is by at 52 (56 livermore 61 in concord a currently 59 degrees to man is not a cloud cover sitting just off shore it's a close to the coastline of a long and now will push in and ended the day once again. the warmer weather the dry weather is sunny weather unscathed to get here on thursday between now and then high pressure be
Sep 28, 2012 10:00pm PDT
drivers will get a fair shake linda yee cbs 5 >>> it has the name fit for los angeles carmageddon last year the freeway closure turn out to be over high cruz warned this weekend's sequel could be at headache authority shut down a 10 mi. stretch of the 4 05 at midnight it is not scheduled to reopen until 6:00 a.m. monday morning closures of crews to demolish a bridge. >>> the iran's may come and bring new worries for a marin deborah and the property in san anselmo has been washing away and the owner does nothing about it don ford with two was taking action. >>> in san anselmo plans a takeover what it wants to get its hands on this property on scene and gavin a the problem it is a hazard the city has been looking for the owner. >>> he has not been in contact with us >>> he needs to come back to his back to his own in pakistan >>> serious problems frighten the neighbors. the city was forced to step in and save the street and homes, holding that the mud with concrete barriers and protecting the slope. >>> that was a year and a half ago on with been unable to contact him with gone to the co
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5